Board Advisory and Membership

Board Advisory and Membership

“We need an external expert who could guide us, provide the right governance structure, challenge our assumptions and ensure that we’re running a business based on sustainable policies"

"Following a fruitful strategy exercise, our management has presented an interesting business development proposal which may challenge our current corporate set-up. It would be nice to have an external perspective who could assess the risk, ensuring we are aware of all the elements that could effect our business. Also given the current state of affairs, how can we go about ensuring the best timing to introduce such developments?"

Nadia can help you:

  1. Provide structure in line with good corporate governance policies.
  2. Support and guide the running of the current operation both in terms of financial planning as well as operational and human resource sustainability measures.
  3. Validate strategic plans to support the growth of the organization in line with the shareholder’s vision.
  4. Identify the organizational capabilities and support the development of the organizational culture.
  5. Discuss international industry developments. 
  6. Identify, discuss and resolve present industry challenges affecting the organisation. 
  7. Discuss business development opportunities and delineate new revenue streams.

Who can benefit from this?

Family-owned businesses, small to medium-sized enterprises, scaleups who require an external expert to the Board of Directors to support shareholders, the executive management team and the present board directors to take the right decisions covering organizational sustainability measures, strategic development, and risk management.

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