Business Development

“I have a great idea in mind yet I do not know how to get started.” “My product/service has reached its full potential and I want to venture into something new, is this a good idea and how shall I go about?. “I have worked so hard to gain my present client-based, what can I do to ensure they remain seeking us for business?”

Together we can:

  1. Understand a new product/service and its unique selling point while positioning it correctly for maximum return; Analyse target audience, product value, price and cost
  2. Identify the areas of improvement required to reach your target in terms of organizational structure, service definition and client retention and acquisition
  3. Outline the process of generating new leads and client onboarding
  4. Map out the client engagement process by revisiting customer touch points whilst polishing areas which may be pushing customers away
  5. Sett up and maintain a robust customer service
  6. Create a key account management system to retain customers
  7. Ensure alignment between the company’s operations and business development to provide one front to customers
  8. Look ahead to enable your company to be abreast with market developments and the competition.
  9. Look towards changing market needs and pre-empting the future by providing innovative products/solutions to be FIRST ON THE MARKET
  10. Prepare a plan of action with the corresponding budget figures highlighting the key initiatives that need to be implemented to address the identified gaps.

Who is it for?

Consultants; Business Advisors; Sole Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners who are currently looking into pivoting their business to either reach a new target audience or market or redefine their business model to achieve better results in terms of revenue.