Mentoring Leaders

" It’s lonely at the top. As a CEO, as an Executive Manager, I wish to bounce off some ideas with an expert having a strong business acumen, who could act as my sounding board. This will help me take a strategic look at the company’s performance, its operations, as well as support me on how to respond to board requirements and manage my leadership team.

COVID-19 has caused us in executive management to step up and increase our responsibilities and accountability. How are we to take the leap, understand our newfound role, and take a more strategic stance? "

One a one-to-one basis, Nadia can:

  1. Create a safe space for Chief Executives and top management to bounce off ideas and take a highly strategic look at the company’s performance, whilst discussing possible new revenue streams and overcome daily challenges.
  2. Look at new ways of doing things to accommodate the future business plans. Challenging the current modus-operandi and structure.
  3. Offer personal career advice to Chief Executives on their next move, personal branding, leadership styles, and prospective partnerships.
  4. Take a 360° in understanding the performance of the company, and how this could improve in the future.
  5. Align top management with the goals and strategy established at board levels, ensuring all cogs in the wheel are in alignment and working harmoniously.
  6. Mentor top management to lead the organisation efficiently without the need of micromanagement. Effectively delegating their operational responsibility to take on a more strategy stance.
  7. Encourage leaders to take a proactive approach in setting the right attitude and lead by example. Taking an objective look at leadership style, whilst utilising emotional intelligence to lead effectively.
  8. Establish a company culture which embodies the company’s goals and communicates them effectively throughout the organisation especially considering the increase in remote working.
  9. Equip management with the skill of resiliency to manage stress levels as the company navigates through change.

Who is it for?

Leaders and top executive management.

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