Transformation & Growth

Transformation & Growth

"We need to reinvent ourselves and identify new revenue streams by consolidating our internal strengths and skillset, deploy digital tools and realign with external industry developments, how shall we go about?

"Following the aftermath of COVID-19, our stakeholders' expectations could have shifted. Does this require a shift in our value proposition and therefore also a transformation of our business model? "

Nadia can help you:

  1. Realign your business model with an evaluation of all the aspects of the value chain. 
  2. Define your company’s value creation vs value migration. Redefine the company’s purpose in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  3. Translate the strategic plans into tangible strategic actions highlighting priorities and timeline.
  4. Conduct an in-depth stakeholder analysis highlighting the competences, infrastructure and digital tools required.
  5. Redesign the new organisational structure required to execute the strategic actions including but not limited to a workforce assessment.
  6. Adopt the zero-based budgeting methodology to ensure that spending is aligned with the growth objectives so as to assist the organisation improve its resource planning, employee engagement and organizational collaboration.
  7. Present and deploy a plan of action to address the identified areas of improvement both in terms of infrastructure (people, processes and finance) as well as the commercial strategy with the onboarding and retention of customers. 

Who is it for?

Large corporations, scale-ups or SMEs that are currently looking into pivoting their business their business model to become more effective and in the process achieve better sustainable results.

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