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An international business mentor based in Malta, Nadia supports companies take their next leap towards growth, move beyond the tactical to strategic, whilst mentoring business leaders along the way. Having been a CEO herself, leading companies through restructuring whilst occupying Director roles in a myriad of companies, her frank, down-to-earth and informal mentoring programme can help you assess your current performance and set you on the right path to success.

Leadership and change management have never been so critical as they are today.  Companies today need more than a consultant; they need collaborations that drive leadership solutions for the long-term, and advisors they can trust to become an integral part of their organisation.

Nadia’s over 15 years experience in senior-level positions and ingrained passion for leadership and change management, has enabled her to cultivate a vast network of professionals in a variety of Industries whom she is able to harness, bringing the strength of global leaders to your board room table.

After starting The Pace Company in 2018, Nadia has supported numerous companies set themselves up for growth, whilst providing business advisory services that include: strategic growth plans, corporate governance, business development and internal reorganisation.

Nadia looks forward to understanding your business set-up and to work collaboratively to take it a step forward, be it in terms of business development, leadership management or overall company restructuring.

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Transformation & Growth

Whilst providing an outside-inside analysis to your organisation, Nadia will enable you to assess, re-align and re-new your current business model.

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Mentoring Leaders

Nadia will help you move from tactical to strategic, enabling you to take an unbiased look at your performance whilst assessing your leadership style, acting as a sounding board to overcome challenges and unleash your potential.

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Board Advisory

Whilst assessing the different facets of your organisation, Nadia will challenge the assumptions underpinning your strategy and its execution, whilst providing an external outlook in identifying new opportunities for growth.

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Nadia, an eclectic personality always seeking to overdeliver. I have worked with Nadia in many different circumstances, be it as a business mentor to Evolve top management, a colleague in conducting a Zero-based budgeting and transformation process, or member of the Quality Committee within The Malta Chamber of Commerce. She has been equally able to capture the essence of my wild ideas for a business plan within a very tight time frame putting in so many extra odd hours, listen, distil and contribute to countless ideas and options from our leadership team and bring to a practical reality multiple abstract notions about quality.

Nadia, a professional who puts the person before the job. On time, patient, intelligent and lots of fun.

Christopher Busuttil DelbridgeManaging Director - Evolve Limited

I couldn’t recommend Nadia Pace more highly! Her astute business acumen, alongside holding senior company positions from an early stage in her career, and a range of local and international positions, mean that Nadia brings with her a wealth of successful experiences that no doubt would benefit anyone looking for a mentor. She is an excellent strategist, super organized, has an incredible work ethic and is wonderfully charming, gracious and encouraging - all qualities one looks for in a mentor. A lovely colleague who I have the pleasure to collaborate with!

Mireille Pellegrini PetitFounder – Thrive Positive

Sometimes you need to find the person at the right time. And, actually, when covid19 started no one could imagine that that time actually would have turned to be the right time. But it was. But it was the right time because I found the right person, the right guide, the right coach, the right mentor.

Viviana PremazziFounder – Global Mindset Development

“Weave Consulting is a boutique firm which helps businesses develop their Corporate Social Responsibility. I engaged the Pace Company since I felt I needed strategic direction in determining how to place my new service offering onto the market, on how to communicate my message effectively to prospective clients, and on setting my goals as an organization.

So far, the Pace Company has been invaluable by helping me to clarify my vision and my goals, decide on concrete action to take to achieve those goals and last but not least, by providing me with a healthy dose of encouragement and motivation to achieve success.”

Roberta LepreManaging Consultant – Weave Consulting

“I have known and worked with Nadia for almost 10 years. Throughout I’ve seen her drive and professionalism push companies and people out of their comfort zones and into the rapid growth segment of their markets. She is passionate, hardworking, and relentless in her pursuit of success.

Trevor WestacottHead of Marketing – Netent

“I have known Nadia for many years and value her expertise in enabling clients to maximise their strategic growth.

Nadia’s expertise across the customer experience (particularly in retention) and online marketing disciplines allow her to identify and create new market opportunities and create real value for clients.

Nadia has an innate ability to understand the client’s position within their industry and identify areas where the organisation can better position themselves to drive growth. Nadia’s personality is contagious, in that it drives a passion to excel at all times and I very much enjoy the times when we work together – it inspires me to continuously improve and look for the next big thing. I would recommend Nadia without hesitation.”

Manoj MistryDirector – Remis Ltd

We chose Nadia Pace to assist us when expanding into new markets and services. Nadia offered a tailored service taking into account our circumstances and priorities. We were fully appraised as the project progressed and held regular meetings. Nadia – thank you very much for your support.

Przemyslaw KogerDirector & Head of Relationship Management Malta

From the moment I met Nadia, I was charmed by her grace, ease and ability to build rapport. She is generous with her energy, attention and business intelligence. I have been privileged to mentor her as she transitioned from her corporate CEO role into her own successful business.

Tanya LacyFounding Director – Intercept

I approached Nadia as I knew where I wanted to take my business, but required the guidance to develop structure and a path for growth. Nadia was a driving force and motivated me to pace myself, whilst also opening my eyes to the details required to set up a business.

Stephanie BasonArchitect and Interior Design – BASE ARCHITECTURE

Tailored to my individual needs, my mentoring sessions with Nadia were instrumental in the development of my career. Our one-on-one sessions provided practical insights on how to improve my performance and progress within my role as team leader. The group sessions aided our team in improving the way it works together and the sessions gave practical examples to everyday situations unlike other training which may otherwise focus more on theory.

Thomas ScerriLead Graphic Designer - Prohealth

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank and applaud Nadia for the outstanding workshops delivered last year to our team at Melita where all the employees were involved including members from our executive management team. Introducing a Culture of Customer Centricity and Breaking Silos were two crucial areas that we heavily wanted all our employees to embrace. After each workshop we conducted an internal survey and our employee’s comments were extremely positive. Nadia has also delivered one-on-one training to a small group that forms part of our executive management team. This training has been customized to the requirements of each team member respectively. Outstanding training that surely left an impact.”

Melissa SchembriTraining and Development – Melita Ltd.

“Studioseven is a hive of talent and results-driven multi-platform, full-service company leading in audio-visual & creative media solutions.

Focused. Aligned. Engaging. The Pace Company has been instrumental in helping us consolidate our core strategy with a strong emphasis on the business growth. The results are unequivocal.”

David ZammitGeneral Manager – Studio Seven

Nadia Pace has been my mentor for the past few months. I was looking for help with some professional difficulties, but I never thought this experience would be so useful and fulfilling. I can confidently say that Nadia Pace has steered me towards the right professional path, and has provided me with invaluable help, information, tips and support. For anyone who is truly ready and prepared to embrace change and move forward in their career, this approach is the way to go.

Christine AlamangoHead of Customer Operations – Lotto Direct, Malta

“As Business Development Manager and later as CEO, Nadia has set World Aviation Group’s strategy and actualised it, through determination, strong people management skills and hard work. Her strong foresight as well as her strong ability to draw synergies between Shareholders and the Executive Management, enabled World Aviation Group to grow and expand internationally. She was also able to manage its operations and ensure it deliver to its clients’ aspirations.”

Leslie CassarManaging Director & Chairman – World Aviation Group

Involving a more hands-on approach, Nadia’s mentoring sessions were tailored to our needs. To make it as effective as possible, we were given a carte blanche to tackle areas we preferred and that needed attention. Each session had a certain ebb and flow, where Nadia managed to pre-empt our every question, providing us with both theoretical and practical examples. Her expertise in management, strategic thinking, communication skills, and planning are exceptional and have imparted a great deal of insight which I will be putting to good use. I would recommend Nadia to anyone seeking to develop their management skillset.

Keith BugejaContent Marketing Manager - Prohealth

“I have seen Nadia’s career develop ever since she occupied the role of Business Development Manager at World Aviation Group. Through her tenacity, the company acquired a strong repertoire of international companies on its portfolio. This coupled with her pleasant nature, consistency in performance and professionality enabled her to lead the operations in Malta, when she was given the role of Chief Executive Officer. Through this role she maintained positive relations with clients in line with the performance of the operations.”

Anthony CassarDirector and Legal Counsel – World Aviation Group

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