Insights Malta – Ghana Sessions

COVID-19 continues to pose its fair share of commercial challenges whilst current travel bans hinder the prospect of cross-border collaborations. INSIGHTS, together with Evolve Ltd. and TradeMalta seek to mitigate such challenges by setting up regular exchanges of information between Ghanaian and Maltese companies, in the hope of cultivating mutually beneficial business ties.

This programme will see the participation of several Maltese and Ghanaian authorities that have already expressed their commitment to increase cross-country collaboration.

Programme partners Evolve Ltd, led by Managing Director, Christopher Busuttil Delbridge, shall also be regularly sharing valuable insights from their experience of doing business in Ghana.

The programme will touch upon a broad range of industries whilst drawing on prospective trade opportunities, best practices and efforts towards social responsibility. The sessions will also draw on the importance of digitization in times of Covid-19, adapting business models to current scenarios and the of use technology and other tools that enhance customer relations and increase operational efficiency and productivity.

The programme will also discuss how the pandemic has affected social, political and economic dynamics in both countries with the overarching message being: “collaboration is key to overcome this common challenge.”