Market places and customer needs are constantly changing, and companies who refuse to take on an agile approach risk losing out.

Let’s face it change is not easy, particularly when this causes employees to move out of their comfort zones. Tamar Chansky, author of “Freeing Yourself from Anxiety” says changes at work are among the top life stressors that one can experience. We are creatures of habit and feel safe when situations provide certainty.  Humans fear change, because we fear the unknown and consequently, we fear failure.

The challenge as a leader and business owner is to constantly challenge the status quo. To be successful, one must achieve the sweet spot between moving things forward, maintaining a system yet challenging processes which require a revamp.

Here are some ways you can help yourself as well as your team members deal with change:

  1. Create a positive company culture

Instilling values which welcome new ideas and change is a long-term approach to equipping employees with the right skills to welcome change. In practice, this could include continuously asking team members to ‘think outside the box’, to share online literature, such as articles and quotes which boosts creativity and the concept of thinking differently.

  1. Communicate often

Part of the fear of change is the unknown. If the organisation is not communicating change effectively, make it your business to be proactive in questioning the status quo, communicating changes and how these will affect the different facets of your business.

  1. Encourage teams to brain-storm

Make it a frequent habit to draw your teams away from their day-to-day routines to discuss strategy and future ideas. Off-site meetings where employees are away from their emails and their office phone not only create an opportunity for teams to interact but are also conducive to creative thinking.

  1. Draw emphasis to the bigger picture

It is important to both as a business owner but also as a team leader to remain conscious of the changes going on in your industry. Encourage members to do the same, by allowing them to attend networking and information sessions. Travel, and push yourself to network beyond your comfort zone.

  1. Prepare for multiple outcomes and be gentle with mistakes

Remain vigilant to the numerous outcomes and results brought on by a change in strategy and processes. Allow employees to experiment with different ways of doing things and be gentle with mistakes. Leaders who are unforgiving towards mistakes, stifle employees and paralyze them from taking their own initiative towards change.

  1. Talk to us

The Pace Company can help you develop your business to accommodate changing market needs, and we can also work with your team to equip them with the right tools to handle the changes that may follow.

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