A family business may be reluctant to onboard a Non-Executive Director (NED), especially when operating in a highly specialized industry which requires technical knowledge. The family board may believe it has it all figured out, however, utilizing the latest principles in company governance, and building on the experience of working with a myriad of companies, Nadia-Pace can provide that fresh insight. This can enable your company to perceive challenges through a different lens and also question assumptions, whilst unraveling opportunities you never thought possible.

We speak to Sue Pisani, Managing Director of Studioseven Group of Companies, who explains how her company and Nadia have worked together towards further growth. Based in Malta, Studioseven specialises in AV solutions for Conferences & Events, Video Production, Exhibition Stands and Systems Integration.

Combining the creativity and technical knowledge of seasoned individuals with that of fresh talent, the company is at its roots a family business which has been around for over 40 years.

An unbiased independent perspective

“Along the four years we have worked with Nadia, she has supported us in aligning our company board structure to regularly deliver timely reporting, which outlines our progress and success whilst underlining areas requiring attention. With her guidance, we have disciplined ourselves to observe and approach matters strategically and not emotionally.” Mrs Pisani explains.

Sue Pisani and Nadia Pace
Nadia Pace with Sue Pisani, Managing Director of Studioseven Group of Companies

Ms Pisani explains, how “An NED is not involved in the daily running of the company and is therefore  able to suspend themselves from the daily challenges of the operations, allowing them to take an unbiased view towards your company’s growth”.

Alignment and Chemistry makes it work

Like in every human interaction, chemistry and being aligned in mindset is of paramount importance. “The synergy Studioseven has created with Nadia is crucial. She is very assertive from afar with updates given haphazardly to her, she takes note and redirects them when engaging in strategic discussions. Her focus on aligning the business requirements to long term goals, is priceless particularly, when we are so caught up in focusing on operational tasks at hand”

Is a Non-Executive Director for every company?

Mrs Pisani positively asserts “most definitely- sometimes more than one can be justified to create a balance between the company’s board structure and challenging the status quo”.

Mrs Pisani provides invaluable tips to companies seeking out a NED “Look for a professional you can trust, who is dynamic and adds value to the organizational growth as well as to the shareholders”. She underlines the importance of being open to constructive criticism and to, in some instances, “agree to disagree”.

If your company is at crossroads, on a journey towards growth, and requires the support of an Non Executive Director, contact Nadia today!